Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Ten Things - On Tuesday!
Look at me, on time for a change. Let's celebrate. I'll give you a little gift to make you all feel like you are all very normal while I am very, not normal. My OCD, she's a strange strange friend.

Ten thing I obsess about. All. The. Damn. Time.

1. Is the stove off? (It is, I just checked it last time I went downstairs.)

2. Is the garage door closed? (It is, I checked it 3 times today.)

3. Why do my bedsheets come out of the dryer so f'ing wrinkled?

4. I start the day EVERY DAY with such high expectations of progress - cooking, cleaning, relishing in the cleaning....then before I sleep I freak out about what didn't get done.

5. How did we run out of Diet Coke? Again. And maybe I should kinda keep track of how much I'm drinking.

6. I always buy extra envelopes because I am a stupid perfectionist when it comes to penmanship. I am often found whiting out notes in my day-planner simply to re-write them neater. (FREAK)

7. I unplug just about everything when it's not in use. This includes the modem & router, those plug in air fresheners, lamps, everything. It drives my husband crazy, though he pretends it doesn't. I'd unplug the refridgerator, too, if I could figure out a way to keep the Diet Coke cold without it.

8. I can take a handful of Excedrin or ibuprofen and not think twice, but I'm afraid a single dose of Vicoden or Percocet will land me in the Penthouse Suite of the Betty Ford Clinic.

9. I straighten up the house before leaving because what if I get delayed and someone has to come over to let the dog out and they see dishes in the sink? WHAT THEN?!?!?!?! Oh the humanity!

10. OCD types tend to hoard things. Things they can never let go of, even though it is a worthless piece of junk. I'm not like that - except for old makeup. Why can't I get rid of the pale green eye shadow.....whhhhhyyyyyyy.

Thank you for allowing me this bit of therapy. Please don't run away. I mean, I would if I were you and read all about what a freak I am, but please don't. I need you. Wait....come back!



Anonymous mrschili said...

I like you very, very much.

I don't obsess (much - I'll admit to freaking out about some stuff, too), but I also get pissed off about the sheets in the dryer. Try doing smaller loads and using fabric softener in the washer. That helped; admittedly, not MUCH, but it did help.

The penmanship thing? We are sisters. I love my gizzy, because typing is SO much neater than writing in day planners...

We are also sisters about the neat-house-before-you-leave thing.

Not so much with the drug thing. While I'm certainly not a junkie, I have no qualms about downing a good pain killer when my doctor prescribes them. Anything that gives me a moment's peace after my back goes out can only be good.

You know, there may be a correlation between your Diet Coke consumption and your OCD. I'm just sayin'...

Anonymous Organic Mama said...

You're hysterical. And so much of that is familiar that I wonder if we are somehow distantly related. SHeets, check. Now I wash tem alone so they don't twist around naything. Neatness? I have a dry erase calendar on my fridge what I am constantly, er, improving. Finally, I also do that expectation/disappointment thing with my day.

I have a copy of my husband's favorite organizing bible - Getting Things Done - on my desk. I procrastinate a little more than is healthy, so I haven't read much but there is some really rational and straightforward advice in there. Check it out at http://www.davidco.com/

Have a good day, sister-freak!

Btw, I can't read the words RUN and AWAY together without singing that song from Spamalot. Help.

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