Thursday, February 22, 2007
Late Again
I'm starting to feel like the guy who has his Christmas lights still up in May. You get to be so late, you figure, well hell, may as well leave 'em up. My 10 Things Tuesday is late, but I'll post it now instead of waiting til next week and you'll just forgive me. M'kay?

1. I'm often too quick to judge a book by it's cover.

2. I gave up ice cream for Lent.

3. My wish list for Christmas includes this. A girl can dream, right??

4. Haven't balanced my checkbook in months.

5. I have to be covered by a sheet or blanket to sleep. As long as you are covered up, the monsters can't get you.

6. I still have a folder of poems I wrote in Junior High and High School.

7. One summer during my early teens I read every single book in the "teen" section of our library.

8. I have no desire for another child. Booger completes me.

9. Booger was just invited to be a flower girl for a wedding in September in Vancouver. I'm so excited and also looking forward to the motivation to get myself back on the treadmill!

10. Operation Smaller Waistline started up again last night. 5 days per week is my goal. Even if it's just for 15-30 minutes at first. I am tired of being tired and know some exercise will help boost me up.



Anonymous mrschili said...

I'm betting that number 2 will help number 10 quite a bit, particularly if ice cream is enough of a sacrifice for Lent...

I don't need a blanket, but I do have to have SOMETHING covering me. I found a practically weightless sheet at IKEA that we use in the summertime.

I know how you feel about #8, but I needed Beanie before I was "done."

Anonymous Organic Mama said...

So why not Ten things Thursday??

Your list hits home for me for a few things, not the least of which is that fantabulous camera I have also been ogling for a while. I figure when my freighter comes in, I will get you one too!

Mostly it's number ten and the view of myself I got in the mirror at Ann Taylor Loft and my too foten neglected stair climber. I figure I have until summer for the results of MY operation smaller waistline to be necessary. For me, it's turning 40 and being tired and on the verge of sick too freaking often. Also, the health and longevity benefits of sweating my butt off for 30-40 minutes as many times a week as I can are too huge to keep ignoring.

When are you starting?

Anonymous Bat Man said...

"Ten Things Maybe on Tuesday but Maybe not, but Hopefully Before the Next Tuesday" would be a very fitting title.

Anonymous mrschili said...

Don't let 'em give you any crap, Snob. Post your Ten Things whenever you damned well feel like it! Life is WAY too short to stress self-imposed deadlines....

Does anyone know if Thursday Thirteen is a copyrighted idea? I've been posting thirteen things on Thursdays when my Tuesday posts are taken up with other material, and I want to make sure I'm not going to get myself in trouble by calling it "Thursday Thirteen"

Anonymous Anonymous said...

mrschili, I'm also a friend of the snob. I wasn't giving her any crap, just suggesting a title so Tuesday isn't stressful if it comes out on Wednesday or later.

Anonymous Bat Man said...

Oops, sent that anonymously and didn't mean to.

Anonymous mrschili said...

Oh, no - I knew that the crap wasn't intended harshly, and neither was my response to it. Sigh. I really wish there were some way to get inflection through comments, because I was TOTALLY imitating Tommy Lee Jones's line in the second Fugitive movie when he told his agent; "Don't let 'em give you any shit about your ponytail, Son!"

Ssdly, though? The funny was lost...

Anonymous Bat Man said...

I didn't think ya was snappy either. If I had seen the second fugitive movie, I might have picked up on it.

Also, sometimes I come across as a bit, ok a big, smartass... LMAO. So I wanted to clear myself too. :D

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