Wednesday, March 07, 2007
Ten Things
I will no longer hold myself to Tuesday, but will try (after today) to have my Ten Things on either Tuesday or Thursday if only because I am a sucker for alliteration.

Today's Ten Things are all random thoughts.

1. It snowed again and I just don't understand how people forget to slow the fuck down when it just snowed last week. For crying out loud.

2. I'm biting my nails again and am this close to breaking down and getting the acrylic nails again. Yes, they're expensive. Yes, it's an expense I don't need. But they make me feel so much better and don't I deserve it?

3. I've never been prouder to say I'm a lifelong Democrat.

4. I didn't want to post again, maybe ever, because His Royal Hottness will no longer be on the top of the page.

5. Remember when I didn't have a child and used to think I was so busy. Please - I was an idiot.

6. I want to take my husband to NYC for our 10 year anniversary (2009) and see a crapload of Broadway musicals.

7. I want to write a vignette of sorts about my Granny, have it bound and give it to my Mom for Christmas. Any suggestions on binding??

8. I wait until the very last minute to pee.

9. I keep forgetting to buy White Out when I go to the store. I've needed some now for 2 weeks.

10. Nothing brings me pleasure like buying someone the perfect gift and watching them open it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should slow down when it snows?

Anonymous mrschili said...

YAY!! I can comment again!! Glory be!

I wish I could help you with the nail biting. I've been taking obsessive care of my fingers, and I have to say that I think I may have weaned myself off of the acrylic addiction. Really, though? If they make you feel better (and they DID make ME feel better - I LOVE having pretty hands), then yes - you are most decidedly worth it.

Start planning the anniversary travel now. NYC is a VERY fun place to be with someone you love.

I keep forgetting to buy trash bags, and I don't REMEMBER until I'm pulling into my driveway and see the trash can sitting there. Sigh. I'm right there with you, Sister...

Anonymous Organic Mama said...

Seriously? I heard the bleeding choir invisible as I opened this page - I can leave comments and I IS real pleased.
I haven't been biting my nails, but for wahtever reason I have been bashing my fingers into things to the extent that I tear them down to the quick. Consequently, I have nail clippers in three places, just in case. It's all so ridiculous - I have no nails right now.

Gifts? I go for nothing short of glee when one of my giftees opens my presents. I love to really find the right gift but I do tend to agonize.

I can't seem to buy tin foil - is this some mental deficiency??

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