Wednesday, April 04, 2007
Ten Things
I have always loved musicals, so this week I'm going to list 10 of my favorite songs from musicals. They're not in any special order, just writing them as they come to mind. I'm limiting myself to one song per musical, just to add some variety!

1. Maybe~Annie
2. My Favorite Things~Sound of Music
3. For Good~Wicked
4. Almost Like Being In Love~Brigadoon
5. Do You Love Me~Fiddler on the Roof
6. All I Ask of You~Phantom of the Opera
7. You Won't Succeed On Broadway~Spamalot
8. On My Own~Les Miserables
9. Oh What A Beautiful Morning~Oklahoma
10. Camelot~Camelot

What are your favorites?



Anonymous Organic Mama said...

I think that your list is fabulous and scarily enough, reflects some of my favorites. Number 1 is the only one I didn't start singing when I read the name, mostly because I don't know it yet. But number 7 STILL makes me grin like a freaking fool. When husband and I saw Spamalot, the couple behind us were so offended by that song they got up and left! So not getting the no sacred cow of Monty Python point. That song doesn't so much mock Jewish people as pay homage and I love it.

Number 8 is so beautiful and lovely. Those are my (and it was hard to choose) favorite two.

Anonymous mrschili said...

I would make a horrible gay man*; I don't like musicals.

My husband, though, knows the first line of nearly every musical song ever written, and he occasionally and for no immediately obvious reason sings them at the top of his voice at random moments. It's one of his more endearing qualities.

(*go here for a fantastic gay man. He describes himself, in a recent post, as "educated, articulate and gainfully employed" - and he's a screaming RIOT, to boot!)

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