Monday, April 02, 2007
Funny how losing your job helps you adjust your focus. My last day isn't for awhile yet, but I'm choosing to be be positive about this. At least mostly. So, I'm focusing my energy on the house. Cleaning, purging, organizing...I'm a whirling dervish. So far I've emptied 3 large garbage bags of trash from the office, 1 from my bedroom, and 4 from the garage. I've sorted and organized the hutch in the dining room and gathered long-lost laundry off my closet floor. I've cleaned out my car and rearranged the furniture in the living room. Wow - now that I'm writing it out, I feel even more productive! I'm working on a list of "to do's" while I'm off. I refuse to allow myself to slump into a funk - I WILL use this time to get things done I've needed/wanted to do for ages and just not had the time. In order to be less likely to not do them, I think I'll share some with you. So you can nag me and remind me to be productive. Here are a few, in no particular order.

~Remove wallpaper border and paint the kitchen.
~Completely sort through my closet and donate clothes that don't fit/aren't in style.
~Paint bathroom.
~Buy boxes of all the same size, rebox/sort/pitch things in the garage.
~Create filing system more useful for household finances.
~Sort bookshelves and boxes and boxes and BOXES of books - donate the ones I'm not attached to - do you think Hospice will take them? I remember seeing a "lending library" when I was there last.
~Repair wall/paint the dining room
~Consider painting all the hodge podge/mis-matched dressers in the bedroom to match each other.

This is just the beginning. I should feel tired and overwhelmed, but so far, I'm excited.



Anonymous Organic Mama said...

You are most impressively kicking butt! Sounds like you are channeling your energy in a fabulous forward momentum and whatever I can do to support you, let me know. I have it on great authority that I can be a royal pain in the patoot.

I must also rout out all the crap from my closet. I know it will take me a good 4 hours to do it well, but I have put it off until...? You are inspiring me!! I have just got to get through Passover and starting teaching next week and then I hope to work up to dervish as well.

Don't forget to take some off time, guilt-free!!

Anonymous mrschili said...

EVERYONE loves book donations. At the very worst (most selfish?) you could bring them to a used book store to see if you can get some cash for them. My favorite book store gives me credit for books I bring in. Of course, I turn that credit into more books, but that's beside the point...

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