Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Ten Things
This week I think I'll just throw out 10 things currently bouncing 'round in my head.

1. Putting a spoiler/wing on the back of a Dodge Neon does not make it cool. Not even close.

2. Sometimes on Sundays, during the Priest's homily, I think he's talking directly to me. I am both incredibly comforted and horrified by this. I mean, sure, I appreciate you making your homily so relevant, but sheesh - am I that transparent?

3. My husband is the best thing to ever happen to me. I don't tell him enough.

4. Would it kill people to wear something other than their flannel pajamas when they leave the house? Are actual clothes so damn uncomfortable? I understand I'm on the opposite end of this spectrum and can hardly get the mail without mascara, but c'mon.

5. BGSU Women's Basketball team is headed for the Sweet Sixteen! Roll along, ladies!

6. Ironing the shower curtain has not lead to ironing the bedsheets, but it has lead to 3 days of a clean bathroom - hooray!

7. George W. Bush has once again asked me for patience - I'm sorry, Mr. President, I am FRESH OUT of patience.

8. Thanks to Organic Mama, I am constantly singing Spamalot songs.

9. I have stuck to my American Idol boycott, but see a sad addiction to Dancing With the Stars in my near future.

10. This blog is the best therapy ever!



Anonymous Organic Mama said...

"There's a very small percentile that enjoys a dancing Gentile." Howl-worthy, eh? Sorry Snob, welcome to the Spamalot affliction. I have now taken the soundtrack OFF my mp3 player because I think I may be singing it my sleep. Which song has your number?

I am right with you on number 3 - I am also tremendously blessed by a fabulous husband.

AND with number 7. Grrrr

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