Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Ten Shoes
My mother-in-law's 70th birthday is Saturday. We're throwing her a fancy schmancy party at a really nice hotel. It'll rival a wedding reception and should actually be pretty fun. Well, we all know what going to a big party shoes!!!

Yesterday, I went shoe shopping for the hundredth time this week. Any other time, I'd have to talk myself OUT of shoes, now that I actually want to buy a pair, I can't find any. I bought this pair yesterday, but am still on the fence about taking them back. They're satin and are crazy comfy, but....the price. It hurts. I tried on about 12 others, but since it's a ten things list, I'll show you only 9.

These beauties, full out FMP's if you ask me, were a wee bit tall to wear all night. As were the slingback version.

These next ones were in the "buy" stack for awhile and I might still go get them if they go on sale....but they are a wee bit casual for the outfit I bought. The leather isn't as shiny, almost "distressed."
Loved these next ones, but I couldn't walk without looking like a duck.
One of the other salespeople threw these at me when it became obvious I couldn't walk well in any heel over 3 inches. They also aren't dressy enough. Or my toes are fat. Whatever.

I loved these next two pair, but my high arches don't much dig the strap.

These were just boring.
These are the ones I really want, if I can promise myself I won't fall. The heel is really skinny.
So, I'll likely be in and out of every single store in the city between now and Saturday. For shoes I don't really need. But don't tell Mr. Snob that, I told him I NEED them. Like a flower needs water, like all creatures need the sun, like peanut butter needs jelly....

(P.S. I'm sticking with Mr. Snob. I took his name, he can take mine in the land of the Internet.)



Anonymous mrschili said...

Shoes. The obsession with shoes. This is a female gene that I didn't get.

When we were in Vegas, I had to buy a new pair of shoes to go with the pretty dress I was wearing. Even *I* had to admit that the flats I brought for the purpose, while cute, did NOTHING for the dress and, in fact, detracted from the whole look.

Mrs. Bobo (who is ALL ABOUT the shoes) and I ended up in Macy's and I bought a pair of low-heeled Hush Puppies after trying on - and rejecting - nearly everything else in the store. I, literally, don't own high heels. I haven't worn heeled shoes since, oh, I don't know - high school? Seriously - I wore flats to my own wedding.

I spent upwards of 70 dollars on these shoes (I didn't know the price until the woman asked for my credit card) and was not-so-mildly shocked. I'll pay that for boots, mind you, but little nothing shoes?! The upshot is that while the shoes ARE cute and they DID make the dress look better and the WERE comfy to wear all day and into the night (and were even comfy to dance in), I haven't worn them since, and don't see them figuring heavily into my immediate future.

I am a boring old New England woman.

Anonymous Organic Mama said...

As an ex- Montrealer, I grew up with some serious shoe mojo. When I was working, in my early 20s, I would drop 90 bucks on a pair without blinking - I mean, that's what good shoes cost, right?

Since moving to the States, I have learned the joy of the American shopping system, where you don't HAVE to spend a trillion dollars for fab footwear. That said, doesn't mean you shouldn't when you find the right pair, the most gorgeous, most comfortable, the most perfect. I have so many pairs of shoes I can't fit them all on my shoe rack. I do have some heels - black - that are so stupid comfortable I am in disbelief when I wear them. Mostly, I try not to think about how much I paid for them, and just enjoy them. Go for the first ones - you seem hooked on em'. Life's too short for the wrong shoes.

I loved this post!

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