Wednesday, May 02, 2007
Free the chickens!
I have a tendency to completely overlook things in my everyday life. Years and years go by and I don't think twice about something. Whatever brands I'm used to is what I grab, regardless of if they're on sale. I realize I waste money by doing this, but I am and have always been a brand name whore. I probably always will be.

Sometimes, though, something will strike me and change everything.

I'm now only buying cage-free chicken eggs. This is good. Chickens should be cage free. I don't like cages and would not imagine the chickens do, either. They lead a pretty boring life. Eat some corn, drink some water, run around with the cock, shoot eggs out their hoo ha. Pretty boring. Except the cock part, because, really, that's usually anything but boring. AND I just got to say cock in context three sentences in a row! The thing is, (please forgive me O'Mama) I am not sure I ever really thought twice about chickens or their cages or their boring little lives ever before. Then, a few weeks ago, at the grocery store, I reached for eggs and saw the cage free option. Huh?! You mean these cheap eggs over here....those chicken live in cages? That's not very nice. Do they get to have exercise time, or are they stuck in the cage all the time? That would really suck. Poor chickens. I'll just grab these cage free eggs...and look, these over here are even organic. There. Settled. Now, I'm all about the cute brown cage free organic chicken eggs. I can't tell you how much more they cost and don't really care. The chickens!!! They need freedom!!!



Anonymous mrschili said...

You're too funny. Cock, in context, three sentences in a row! That, combined with "shooting eggs our their hoo ha," had me pretty much rolling before I was even halfway through the post.

I'm also pretty psyched because my store-brand milk just went hormone-free. O'Mama's been on me for a while about the milk, and now I can say that, though my milk's not organic (I can't BEAR the thought of seven dollars a gallon for the way we go through milk), at least it's hormone-free.

Anonymous Organic Mama said...

I cackle in your general direction!!
Snob, that's wonderful - these cage-free chickens are much more humanely kept (you don't want to KNOW how the others are kept)and I like to think happier chicken make happier eggs. Hoo ha indeed!! :D

I know I am a pain in the butt, my e-friends, but thank you for putting up with me and my griping. It's out of love.

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