Friday, July 06, 2007
I suck at titles
We went to see Transformers, have you? YOU MUST! It may be due to my love for the cartoon a hundred years ago, but holy shit it was FANTASTIC. And the Camaro? Bumble Bee is his name, and he was soooo cool. I want that car. It's not even out yet, still in ...what do they call it...concept mode or whatever. But it was hot. The computer graphics in this movie were better than I have ever seen. Ever. We're going again this weekend! I'm working on the story of the guy who sat a seat down from me in the movie, he was really close to making the movie even better, but he never shut up. He was funny, but damn.

Met with the cardiologist yesterday. The risks of having not having the surgery FAR outweigh the risks of having it. So, we're meeting with the surgeon on Tuesday to discuss the procedure and schedule the date.

My good friend who I told you was sick has cancer.

It's been a shitty month. But I'm trying to be strong.


Blogger mrschili said...

I suck at titles, too.

Have you seen Ratatouille yet? You must.

It sounds as though the surgery is the way to go. I will continue to send as much good energy your way as I can spare. Use it as you see fit.

love ya!


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