Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Ten Things Tuesday - Commencement Edition
We had the privilege of attending the Commencement Exercises for THEE Ohio State University on Sunday.

It was a gorgeous day and wonderful ceremony. William Jefferson Clinton was the commencement speaker and he nailed it. He has always been an eloquent speaker and the speechwriter (come on, we all know he didn't actually write it) was spot on. Enough OSU stuff, current events, own-horn-tooting, and go change the world shit to make everyone stand and cheer.

I'll make the rest of weekend summary in list form since it is Tuesday and Tuesday, my dear friends is Ten Things Tuesday. (Oh, alliteration, how much do I love you?)

1. The official name for the university is The Ohio State University. It is pronounced THEE and they relish in adding the THEE and use it any time they can. Welcome to THEE Ohio State University. Congratulations from THEE Ohio State University. It is a bit silly, but it appears I am THEE only one who thinks so.

2. Their little rally song is "Hang On Sloopy." For which they add in "O-H-I-O" with large YMCA style arm movements. They also do the O-H-I-O flailing arm thing at the end of the Alma Mater. THEE Ohio State University seems to relish in the fact that Ohio is not only easy to spell, but looks good as an interpretive dance.

3. Black graduation gowns are not middle of June with no shade in sight friendly.

4. 3 inch heels are not a good idea when you have to climb stadium stairs. I am glad I did not wear mine, but felt bad for the many who did.

5. The Secret Service looked horribly uncomfortable. Especially considering there were probably 40,000 people there and we just walked in. No checkpoint, no metal detector, nothing. Didn't even need a ticket. Just ambled in off the street.

6. The motorcade was disappointing. 3 cars. Lame.

7. The Sugar Bar we went to Saturday night was quite entertaining. Happily, I was not the oldest person there. Sadly, I may or may not have missed the second step on the way out and have a glorious bruised ankle. I swear I stepped on something...a bottle, or glass or something that caused me to miss my footing. It had nothing to do with the beer. I think.

8. Hanging out with Mr. Snob's family is seventeen kinds of fun. I adore all of them.

9. I am too old to be out until 4:15 A.M. to then get up before 8 and have a full day of frivolity. But the fact that they invited me to go in the first place makes it all worthwhile.

10. Booger continues to amaze me in the fact that she can sit still for 3 1/2 hours and manage to still have a good time.

I'll post some pics soon. Have a few that are good enough to share!



Blogger mrschili said...

Every time I think of Ohio, I think of the WW ep. where the other guy running for president made his statement (when Carol understood all the words...) and C.J. says "Oh me-oh, oh my-oh, oh Cleveland, Ohio!" Makes me chuckle every time.

Anonymous Organic Mama said...

My daughter sand a song in chorus about the Ohio river and the syllables were D R A W N out so beautifully I cannot see the word OHIO without singing it in my head.
I'm posting from work, more later...

Anonymous Bat Man said...

Actually... there's a reason for the expression of Thee Ohio State University.. and I'm a Michigan fan... But for any college to be a "State" college, the "Official" name has to have the word State in it, even if it isn't used in the nickname. Therefore, Ohio University is actually Ohio State University, and that made the wannabe partiers in Columbus change their name to The Ohio State University. Oh, did I mentioned I went to OU as well? So that's the reason for the "Thee" expression, it's to actually differentiate between the two colleges. How horrible was that grammar?

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