Friday, June 08, 2007
Karma is a funny, funny thing
The other day I was driving along the access road (I almost put rear access road, but that just sounds bad!) for the shopping center. There were two birds in the road, smack dab in the middle of my lane. They sure looked like they were deep in the throes of passionate love making. I slowed down....way down....and thought surely they would move. Um, no. They didn't. And I hit them. Both of them. They were clearly not living, let alone having any more passionate avian sex when I saw them in my rear view mirror. They died a quick, and let's hope pain-free death. I haven't decided if this event will result in good Karma or bad Karma. On one hand, what better way to go, right? Quickly and while having mad passionate sex. On the other hand, have I interrupted their fate of mating and creating the greatest bird offspring to ever live? What if the bird they were (possibly) conceiving was going to be the bird that helped the CDC create a vaccine for Avian Flu? What then? Then? I am fucked. Pardon the pun.



Anonymous Organic Mama said...

I figger, them birds clearly had their ticket up and you wuz the one ter smush em, izzal.


Last year, on my way up the local hill, I drove right into a pair of birds who were grazing on something on the road. I guess I was driving way the heck to quickly because I smashed into one of them and had to pick FEATHERS out of my grille. ACK!!

Also, I think I only killed one of them and apparently they are the sprt of birds that mate for LIFE.

Let these events simply be a lesson to be more aware of our surroundings and the living things that want to graze and fornicate on the roads we travel... Karma Shmarma.

Anonymous mrschili said...

Allow me to explain Darwinism....

Anything that chooses to partake in any kind of extended activity in the middle of the road deserves to die (and how nice of you to give them a quick, painless death). You just made the bird population that much smarter....

Blogger The Grammar Snob said...

I can ALWAYS count on the two of you to make me feel better.

Stupid birds.

Oh, and O'Mama, once I hit a FLOCK of birds who decided to descend upon me from the electrical wire. I had feathers in my grille and blood on the windshield.

Hmmm, you'd think after THAT, the entire bird population would know to stay the hell away from me.

Again, stupid birds. :-)

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