Friday, November 02, 2007
Halloween Drama
I used to love Halloween. As a child, I could, for one blissful evening, be anyone I desired. I always had such grand expectations for the night. Invariably, though, I end up with some stupid inflatable martian hat on my head and no good candy. (Holy crap, I just had a flashback of the stupid inflatable martian hat on my head....I think it was 5th grade - must be more bitter about that than I thought.)

I pray that this year is not that year for Booger. You see, she wanted to be Violet from the Incredibles. Violet has been an integral part of Booger's wardrobe - sparking her insistance for the daily headband. Booger looks like Violet - big brown eyes, long dark hair with bangs. I bought her the Violet costume. Had to order it online as it was not available in store. I ordered it 6 weeks ahead of time and we are all very excited.

Until the time came to actually wear the costume. Oh, my holy great green beans the drama. Just so you know, Violet is a super hero little girl. She can turn invisible and she can create force fields. You and I know that costumes do no come with super powers. It appears that my 5 year old, sadly, did not realize this. She put on the costume and looked down at her body. When she could still see it, she looked at me like I cut her finger off with a spork. Then, THEN....when no force field shot out of her hands....oh my goodness.

She hated the fact that she was not invisible and couldn't throw force fields. And the stupid boot covers. Oh, and the itchy embroidery. And the gloves kept shifting. And WHY AM I NOT INVISIBLE? And possibly the phase of the moon.

I am so glad Halloween is over. And next year, no super hero costumes. Somebody remind me of that, okay?

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Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

I got your back here, Snob.

I'm a meanie who makes my kids MAKE their own costumes. We'll help in a pinch, but if they want to "be" something, they've got to figure out the logistics.

So far, it's workin' for us

Blogger Kizz said...

Oh my goodness that's both the saddest and funniest Halloween story I think I've ever heard. Truly priceless.

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