Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Ten Things Tuesday
Hi! I've been out running a bunch of errands and keep seeing things that make me say "Well, DUH!" So, why not make a list! Ten Things - WTF edition.

1. A Scion XB with personalized plates "SCION XB." Duh. What happens when you wreck it and have to buy a new one? Just asking.

2. You know those magnetic ribbon things for the back of your car? Like the support the troops? Today I saw one that said "Support Lapdances." Yep.

3. SUV with Texas plates and a sticker that said "Don't mess with Texas." The license plate frame said "License to Knit."

4. Our neighbor cut their front lawn with a weed wacker. Looks awful. Of course, it's the same neighbor who's glasses are held in place with a twist-tie, so I guess I should not be surprised.

5. The front end cashier-in-charge at Target going off on the new girl. Berating her in front of everyone about how the extra bags under the register were not organized and this simply would not do. Must. Fix. Now.

6. On a similar note, those stupid fucking walkie talkies the employees use at Target. Everyone seems to have one and they are always turned up so loud. Just use the effing PA system. Sheesh.

7. My car. She doesn't seem to want to start all the time. Hopefully when she goes to the doctor on Friday, he can fix her right up.

8. The parents who have to arrive at school a full 30 minutes early just to be first in line to pick up their precious children. I've arrived as early as 15 minutes ahead and already been at the back of the line.

9. My daughter has puppy feet. Seriously, I can't keep the kid in shoes. Not 6 for 2 more months and already wearing a size 13.

10. I have a meeting tomorrow with a local college. About enrolling. To take classes. To get a degree. I am excited and petrified. Last time I tried college I was 18 and knew everything. Except it turned out that I knew absolutely nothing. I thought college would be just like HS - show up and get good grades. Grades were never a thing for me in HS. I'd show up, listen in class, study for 5 minutes before a test and get a 3.6 average. I was never challenged and didn't really ever challenge myself. So by not challenging myself in college...well, it was a disaster. Getting a degree, even if I'm looking at starting with a 2 year degree, means so much to me. I need to prove to myself I can do it. And yet, I'm so scared. Dear Lord, how am I going to function being the "granny" of the class? I will be 35 by the time school starts and in class with 18 year olds. Sheesh.

(bonus extra #11 for you today)
11. WHEN THE FUCK DID I TURN (ALMOST) 35?!?!? Holy mother, where does the time go?



Blogger Mrs. Chili said...


It goes without saying, but I'm saying it anyway - YOU CAN DO THIS! Not only can you do it, but you can NAIL it. I'm standing here offering my 100% support - anything you need, you just say the word!

Oh, YAY for YOU!!

Blogger Mrs. Chili said...


I didn't know that this post would be about YOU!!

(oh, and I totally get your consternation at 35. I'm a year and a half from FORTY! What the HELL?! I CAN'T be almost FORTY!...)

Anonymous Organic Mama said...

That's fantastic, Snob!

When I sat in class with the 18 and 19 year olds, my professors were so often thrilled to have a real "grown up" in their midst and other students seemed stoked and appreciative to have a different perspective around. I think you'll love it!

What degree are you interested in perusing?

Blogger Kizz said...

#4 - You would so hate living next to my mom. Or my dad for that matter.

#8 - I would so much rather have had the 30 minutes early parent than mine. She was always (ALWAYS) a minimum of half an hour late. I am the child who often got left so late I "got to" help the teacher clean up.

#10 - Congratulations!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you can go to class w/ me!!

:p Jho

Blogger Leann said...

If anyone can pull off going back to college, you can!


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