Wednesday, September 19, 2007
And Crown My Hood
Life with a Kindergartener is like living at a comedy club. Now, Booger has always been funny. Yes, at 5 years old, I can honestly say she's always been funny. She has a very contagious laugh and has such a knack for comedy. The fun thing for me is that she's not always funny on purpose.

She loves to tell jokes with no punch line, then proceeds to crack up laughing. Oh, and farting is the funniest thing ever.

In class, they are learning the lyrics to America The Beautiful. It's long and I mean really, even I screw up the lyrics sometimes! The other day she was singing it to us and sang this:

"...and crown my hood with brotherhood...."

My kid is funny.


Anonymous Organic Mama said...

D'you write this stuff down? Hmm, since you're bloffing about it, you are!

For the longest time, my littlest, who is ten today, did what most kids do when faced with incompressible lyrics; she filled in the gaps, like Booger did, with words that made sense. On the Shrek soundtrack there is an infectious song called "A New Romance" or something like it; when Monkey heard it first, she thought the words were "the Noodle Dance"! And you know what, now it IS the noodle dance!

Anonymous Organic Mama said...

bloGGing. Oy.

Anonymous Bat Man said...

You mean that's wrong?

Blogger Leann said...

Don't you wish you could have a camera rolling 24/7? The funniest moments are those where they're not really trying. I can always count on my girls for a good laugh.


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