Wednesday, October 03, 2007
Catching Up
I missed National De-Lurking Day. If you happen to be the lurking, non-comment-leaving type reader, I guess you can wait until next year to comment. Lucky you!

Booger participated in her school's Track-a-Thon yesterday. It's the only all-school fund raiser of the year and I sent in my money pleased beyond belief that we don't have the angst of seventeen fund raisers. I know some children who arrived home from school the first day with fund raising sheets in hand. Magazines I won't read, overpriced little tiny whatevers that look amazing in the catalog. Hell, half the time I order stuff and never get it. I have been meaning to give them a fund raising budget at the beginning of the year. $20 per kid and they pick which fund raiser gets my cash. Or they keep the cash. I don't really care. I simply hate the fact that we make our kids do this crap. It sucks saying no to a kid. But, come on. Most of the stuff they have to peddle is crap. When I was in High School, our band sold 2 things a year. Chocolate bars and citrus. These were tradition and people actually came to you so they could order. The chocolate bars are still a nostalgic favorite for me. We didn't sell wrapping paper, magazines, candles, or other stuff. I would like to propose that schools/organizations only be allowed to sell the following things: chocolate and girl scout cookies. The end. The rest should all simply be cash donations. Don't you think you'd get a better net result if you were able to accept money? People don't want or need the crap you're selling. Besides, the stuff is usually at least fifteen bucks. If you could just take donations, a dollar here and there would add up faster. At least I think so. I could be completely wrong, I guess. Any thoughts?

The reason I started that story was to tell you that the kids run laps around the track. The class with the most laps wins. With each completed lap, they receive a rubber band to wear around their wrist. Booger ended the day with 10 rubber bands. TEN! That's 2.5 miles, can you believe it!

The Journey - Life 2.0 is progressing with a speed I really didn't expect. R went back to work today. 11 weeks ago today our old life ended and this new one began. I thought that old life was good. Great, even. But I've got to tell you....this new life? SO GOOD. We spent the last 11 weeks ago pretty much all together all the time. I thought for sure we'd be driving each other batshit crazy by now. Instead, we have a new sense of purpose. A rejuvenated sense of togetherness that I find so much comfort in. I am still a bit too over-protective and very leery of R doing many everyday things. Cutting the grass, for example. We've had many friends come by to help with it and I'm so grateful. He's playing tennis again, just at a slower pace for right now. With cooler weather coming, I'm anticipating evening walks as a family....I plan to cherish every moment of this gift. Please don't take your spouse or loved one for granted. Love them every minute of every day.

Operation job hunt is still sucking. I'm hoping something, anything comes up soon. I'm planning to meet with some agencies next week. That should help. Depending on what I find will depend on how many classes I enroll in. Regardless, I will be enrolling. I promise! Not sure what degree I'll end up step at a time, right?

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Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

One step at a time, indeed. I've been inspired to start looking into an M.A. in history, so we may be commiserating about homework together!

And I love your outlook on your "new life." Something I've learned in my yoga practice is that NOW is the only thing that matters - be where you are NOW, and love it NOW.

much love to you, my friend.


Blogger Mrs. G. said...

Delurking. Fun blog.

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