Monday, November 23, 2009
I am good in a crisis. Always have been. When someone needs something, anything, I’m typically in their top five list of people to call. Maybe even the tippy top. Because if you need something, I’m your gal. I’m a clear thinker, I can take charge without being bitchy, and I flat out can get things done. I don’t take time to think about anything else other that what needs to be done right this second. I’m so good at it. I can help with your wedding, your funeral, your in-laws (not my own, but whatever), your pet, anything.

Maybe this is why the Universe keeps challenging me. Because I keep succeeding in my tasks. Dear Universe, (and I say this with the utmost respect) screw you. You and I are friends and friends are allowed to get mad at each other, yet still love each other. So back off and give me a fucking break for five minutes. There, I feel so much better.

Roy had the liver biopsy on the 10th or the 11th. Bleeding was a potential side effect, but he didn’t really have any the day of, you know, while we were at the hospital. Instead, his liver decided to bleed 8 days later all of a sudden for no apparent reason. I was on my way to class when he called. 20 minutes from home and he was in so much pain he couldn’t take a deep breath, was almost crying, and was in too much pain to drive himself to the hospital. I turned around, quickly texting my classmate to tell my instructor and sped home. We arrived at the hospital and he was in so much pain, it was just….oozing off of him. His blood pressure was through the roof. We were swept into an exam room and met, almost immediately by a doctor. We explained our recent (and not-so-recent) medical history and a CT scan was ordered to confirm bleeding. A big dose of Morp**ine helped take the edge off and so we waited.

My in-laws showed up (calling them was the right thing to do, but I would have preferred not to, truth be told). They make me crazy because they are NOT good in a crisis.

Anyway, we were told there was, in fact, bleeding in the liver and we would need to meet with a surgeon. (!!!) One that I am familiar with from my clinicals met with us and showed me the CT from the bleeding and the original one from the biopsy to confirm it was in the same place and related. No surgery needed, just bedrest, pain control and lots of lab work needed.

We got to go home the next night and he’s okay now, so far. We're watching the absorbtion of the blood and he has to take it really easy for a bit. More lab work today and more to tell you about our stay, but I wanted to touch base to let you know we’re all well. Not 100% maybe, but well



Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

Being good in a crisis is important, just remember that YOU need to be taken care of when this, too, passes.

We were texting about this the other day, but I'm going to say it here, too; don't be surprised if the stress of this sneaks up out of nowhere and pounds you. Personal experience taught me that I thought I made it out of something big with little or no negative effect, only to find myself crying at a stoplight two weeks later. Just sayin'. When that happens (and it probably WILL happen), you have my number...

Blogger ee90 said...

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