Tuesday, December 01, 2009
December 1, 1987
Twenty-two years ago, I stood in front of a judge who gave me the option to choose my dad. Not very many people are fortunate to get to make that choice. Without hesitation, I chose you, Dad. Choosing you made me feel whole. It may have just been a formality at that point, but the act of choosing…that feeling has never left. Before that, though…you chose me. You promised to take care of me, to hold me accountable, to tease me, to teach me to be responsible and to love me even when I wasn’t. You chose me. I’ll never be able to tell you how on that day, I felt whole. I had a person who so willingly gave me their name. There I was, a young girl, practicing writing my new name over and over. I was so proud of my new name. My new name came with not only a Dad, but a Sister and Brother, too. While mom and I were fine without that name….without you…we were and are so much better with you. I had a new name. I was a new person….because someone stood up and said, “I choose you.” I’m so glad you did and I love you so much.
Happy Adoption Anniversary!


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I had no intention of crying today....

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