Saturday, November 03, 2007
Lazy Saturday
Swiped this from O'Mama, who swiped it from Tense Teacher. Feeling a bit tongue tied today, so this is great timing.

What’s your name spelled backwards?
bons rammarg - Sounds a bit like bad porn, don't you think?!

What did you do last night?
Visited my friend who came home from the hospital. It was so good to see her back home. She's getting some of her spunk back which is sure to help as there's still more chemo to come.

The last thing you downloaded onto your computer?
Firefox update.

Have you ever licked a 9 volt battery?
Um, no. Ewww.

Last time you swam in a pool?
I dangled my feet in one this summer, does that count?

What are you wearing?
Black yoga pants (even though I don't yoga) and a long sleeve white tee shirt.

How many cars have you owned?
2 myself, drove 3 my parents bought me. My first car was FANTASTIC. '77 Chevy Caprice Classic with a Camaro 350 engine and a bad muffler. I loved that car. Then a Mazda 626 that ran like a dream until I blew the head gasket. Moved on to a Nissan Sentra with a stick shift and no power steering or brakes. Driving was an adventure! My first ever new car was a Honda Civic that I sold after Booger was born because I wanted a 4 door car for convenience. Bought a '98 Dodge Stratus from my cousin and have been driving it since. It's 10 years old now (they bought it in '97) and still runs well. Might be looking for something new once I can find a job!

Type of music you dislike most?
Twangy country.

Are you registered to vote?
Sure am.

Do you have cable?
Oh, yeah.

What kind of computer do you use?
My HP Laptop. Bought it a few monts ago and I love it. LOVE.

Ever made a prank phone call
My friends and I still do this....though it's much harder with caller ID...usually we know it's each other, but it's a contest to see how long you can keep going without laughing.

You like anyone right now?
Booger's sitting next to me drawing. I like her very much like this. Sitting nearby just being together.

Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?
Not a chance.

Furthest place you ever traveled?
Vancouver, BC. 2004. One of the best vacations ever.

What’s your favorite comic strip?
Calvin and Hobbes

Do you know all the words to the national anthem?
Yes, but sadly, without the music, I think I would get it out of order.

Shower, morning or night?
I prefer them in the morning - my hair is awful if I go to bed with it wet.

Best movie you’ve seen in the past month?
Booger and I went to the theater to see The Game Plan. Not a great movie, but she loved it and having a girl day was the best!

Favorite pizza toppings?
Pepperoni and mushroom or chicken, bacon & pineapple.

Chips or popcorn?
Popcorn. Made on the stove.

Which cell phone provider do you have?

Have you ever smoked peanut shells? Should I?

Have you ever been in a beauty pageant?
I ran for Ottawa County Fair Queen once. Hot, right? No, I didn't win.

Orange Juice or apple juice?
Orange - fresh and sweet.

Who were the last people you sat at lunch with?
J and J. We went yesterday and it was fun. I ate too much, though.

Favorite chocolate bar?
Organic Mama introduced me to Green & Black's and I'm hooked.

Who is your longest friend and how long?
Kel and I have been friends since 4th grade.

Last time you ate a homegrown tomato?
Last month - grown at my in-laws.

Have you ever won a trophy?
Awards, yes. Trophies, no.

Favorite arcade game?

Ever ordered from an infomercial?

Sprite or 7-UP?
Sprite, but only drink it if I have a tummy ache.

Have you ever had to wear a uniform to school/work?
Yep - used to wear referee stripes at FootLocker when I was in HS.

Last thing you bought at Walgreens?
A few magazines to read in the hospital.

Ever thrown up in public?
Yes, and it was awful.

Would you prefer being a millionaire or finding true love?
I am lucky to have true BRING ON THE CASH!

Do you believe in love at first sight?
Lust at first sight. Love at first conversation, though.

Spongebob or Jimmy Neutron?
Neither. We don't watch them.

Did you have long hair as a young kid?
No because my hair was such a disaster my mom couldn't keep to groomed. She would tell me that she could brush it and I could sit perfectly still - 10 minutes later it looked like a bird's nest.

What message is on your voicemail machine?
A friendly little request for you to leave a message.

Where would you like to go right now?
The mall. Without a budget. I could really go for some retail therapy!

Whats the name of your pet?
Ally the Wonderdog

What kind of backpack do you have, and what’s in it?
I bought this (in a nice shade of shimmery army green) before R's surgery and have been carrying it since. At any given moment it has tissues, small pieces of chocolate, chapstick, phone charger, Nintendo DS and games. It also is the home for a tiny little silver angel pin - a gift that gives off great energy.

What do you think about most?
Right now, it's getting a job.

Edited to add a missed apostrophe. I will not tell you where. :-)

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Anonymous Organic Mama said...

Cool answers!
Bad porn, indeed; maybe Swedish porn?
I have to ration those amazing chocolate bars, because if I don't I will eat the whole damn (big) thing in one sitting. Sooo good.
What kind of dog is Ally?

Blogger The Grammar Snob said...

Ally's a mix Golden Retriever/Lab. She's blond and looks mostly like a Golden. She's great at retrieving, but not at bringing it back!

Swedish porn for SURE!

Blogger Sam said...

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