Tuesday, June 03, 2008
Ten Things
I'm working my way out of my funk and in order to help myself do this, I think I'll list ten things I'm happy about right this very minute. (I am not happy with the run-on sentence, but too lazy to fix it.)

1. Kizz's shout out. Seriously. Wow. Thanks!

2. My chosen candidate now has enough delegates to declare himself the nominee.

3. The cats we began to dissect in class weren't as gross as I anticipated.

4. I reunited with my favorite classmates.

5. I get to hang out with my nieces Friday.

6. The laundry is almost caught up!

7. The dishes are done.

8. My husband is the coolest and so freaking supportive.

9. Happy Birthday, Anderson Cooper! (He's on CNN right now....he's so hot)

10. Tetris DS. I play this every single night before I sleep. It helps to relax my brain and let me fall asleep so much easier.

What are you particularly happy about?



Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

1. Warm weather
2. The end of the school term
3. Short pants
4. Pretty flowers
5. Leaves on the trees
6. Ben and Jerry
7. Getting a job for September
8. My scary student isn't scary anymore
9. Loud music in my car
10. You

Blogger Kizz said...

I'm particularly happy that you liked your shout out. Glad you're feeling some better!

Also, ick, cats? Bleh.

Blogger Lanie Painie said...

oooh. I must get Tetris DS!

1. My mother is moving out of my house!
2. I have found out that dh is not just an ass, he has a developmental disability that interferes with communication and empathy - this is actually good news!
3. Scwhan man
4. Summer break
5. BFF Rose
6. $10 off at Ruby Tuesday
7. Not only is she moving out, but she's moving out of the state
8. My house will be MINE again
9. My daughter is beautiful AND brilliant

Anonymous Organic Mama said...

1. My friend Snob is doing well
2, A nice weekend with the kids
3. End of the semester
4. New DVD player so I can start yoga every day
5. A job interview this week
6. My fabulous husband and his support
7. My kids are still home for another week
8. My tomato plant has tomatoes on it!
9. My flower garden is freaking fantastic
10. My kids are nearly packed for camp

Blogger MadWoman said...

I'm happy that you have found a way to climb out of your funk a wee bit. It's very nice to see.

I'm also happy that my life seems to be finally taking a turn for the better.

Keep on writing, I check back all the time and love your blog.

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