Tuesday, December 08, 2009
December 8
On Saturday, December 8, 2001, my life changed forever. I gave birth to my daughter. She has many names. Her given name, of course. Banana, Booger, Sugar, Sugardy Boogerdy Boo, there are many. She is such a kind soul. She has warm chocolate brown eyes and an infectious laugh that comes from deep in her belly, and she is, quite simply, incredible. Funny, oh my goodness is she funny. She makes me smile every single day. I can, occassionallly, see glimpses of the woman she is bound to become. I can't wait to help you along on your journey. But not just yet, okay...I'm quite enjoying you at this age.

Happy Birthday, my love.



Blogger Kizz said...

Happy Birthday to that beautiful young lady! Is this her Red Letter Day? Does she turn 8 on the 8th?

Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

Happy, happy, HAPPY!

Don't forget, Mom, that this is a birthday for YOU, too!

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