Sunday, November 11, 2007
School stuff
Hello there. It's raining and gloomy here. Instead of curling up with a book, which is my preferred mode of entertainment on days such as these, I'm cleaning. Can you please tell me how you deal with the mountains of crap that arrives home from school? My DNA has generations of pack rats and hoarders and can't throw anything awayers. I'm breaking that cycle but I still struggle with school stuff. How much artwork do you keep? Do you keep any homework or tests? Booger is just in Kindergarten and brings home at least 3 art things a week and homework/tests/worksheets in the dozens. HELP! Thanks for your ideas!

Friday, Booger asked to have a haircut. The salon squeezed us in and she instructed the stylist to cut her hair "just to my shoulders." At least 3 inches came off and she smiled the whole time. I stole a picture today while she was working on homework and watching High School Musical 2 for the 43,971st time. Do you like her desk? Me too. She has one, sitting about 8 feet behind her. Just for the record.



Blogger Lanie Painie said...

Well, since my 1st grader is destined for greatness, I know that each and every paper she brings home will be priceless. We have a crate for her homework and each day when she cleans out her folder, everything goes in there. At the end of the year, it goes up to the attic. She will be in charge of which museum will house it upon her achievement of fame.

Blogger The Grammar Snob said...

Yeah, I don't have room for all that. Keep us posted on the museum requests! :-)

Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

Wow. That's some serious pink you've got going on there!

Here's what I do about the school stuff: Each girl, for each year, gets an art box (I buy them from Michael's or other such artsy place). The year and grade gets put on the box and it stays open from September to June. When the girls were little, I collected representative pieces of their writing and artwork (and, sometimes, math skills), along with whatever photographs were taken from that year, and put them in. I didn't save EVERYTHING, but I did save quite a lot (those boxes hold a good bit of paper).

Now that the girls are older, I have THEM choose what they want me to keep. I haven't gotten the art boxes for this year yet, though, so the work is going into files on my desk.

I KNOW it's hard to cull stuff, especially when you've got the packrat gene, but for your own sanity you MUST. Good luck!

Blogger The Grammar Snob said...

That carpet was there when we moved in. We really want to change it, but it's in great condition, so we're trying to hold out.

Blogger Leann said...

She looks adorable, Snob! My oldest cut her hait IN SCHOOL! I took her to the salon to fix it, and she ended up with a sholder-length bob. At least 5 inches was cut from her hair! She looks cute, though, and SO grown up!

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