Monday, November 12, 2007
This blows
I had an interview Thursday and they were all excited and going to hire me, but there wasn't someone there who could make an offer, so they said they'd call Friday. It's Monday and I haven't heard anything. I just called and left a message as a follow up. This is the second time I've been told someone will call then they don't. I'm feeling like a loser and it sucks.


Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

Let's be very clear exactly who, in this scenario, the losers are, please. YOU are not the loser. You showed up for your interview on time, you brought everything you needed to prove who you are and what you could do. You upheld your obligations and kept your promises. THEY, on the other hand, have not. You were promised a call back, and someone (probably a conglomerate of someones) has dropped the ball. Put things into perspective, please - it is they, not you, who are being unprofessional losers.

Blogger Kizz said...

You are not a loser THEY are unprofessional, though sadly their behavior is far from uncommon

Blogger Kizz said...

Great minds, eh? There were no comments when I hit the comments button so we must have been writing at the same time.

Blogger Lanie Painie said...

I don't know what type of job you are looking for, but it is a holiday for some places today and many people took a long weekend. Maybe the person who told you about a Friday call really didn't have information about when that person would be in. They should have called you back, though.

Most companies don't play the "she needs us more than we need her" card when hiring, and make you wait just for their own sick pleasure. I'm sure there's a logical explanation - not that you'll ever here it!

I'd call whoever you talked to last and check in with them at the end of their businesss day tomorrow. Sometimes when the ball is dropped, you might have to nudge somebody to get back into the game.

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