Wednesday, November 14, 2007
New Music Wednesday
Thank you so much for all the music recommendations. I'm still working my way up to the country ones, it's going to take some time.

I already had many of the ones listed, so that cements how much we all have in common! R and I have all the Michael Jackson. (On a side note, R has every Janet Jackson album ever made including many imports....he has a bit of a crush.) I also had the Barry Manilow (I've even seen him in concert.) Paralyzer by Finger Eleven has been on my play list for about 6 weeks now - I'm so ahead of the curve! I did have to get The Reflex and Brass Monkey. I had Paul Revere, Girls, and Sabotage, but not Brass Monkey. Already have the Bee Gee's and Santana. Not sure I can handle Johnny Cash. I think he's too much for me.

Trying a few others, Jose Gonzales and Chiara Civello that were also recommended.

I think I'll recommend some of my own. Since I missed 10 Things Tuesday, I'll make a 10 Things Wednesday. In no particular order. The list is quite eclectic, let me tell you. Also, these may not be the original artist, but the version I prefer. Keep in mind this is VERY short list. My i-pod has 3,000 songs on it and we still have about 200 CD's to upload. Yeah. We're music whores.

1. Andrea Bocelli - Besame Mucho
2. Christina Aguilera - For You
3. Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting (Yes, I disagree, too - it's one of R's faves)
4. Baby I'm A Star - Prince
5. Lebo M - One By One (Lion King Rhythm of the Pridelands)
6. Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley
7. I Can't Make You Love Me - George Michael
8. Beat It - Michael Jackson Because I still remember the dance from the video!
9. Linus & Lucy - George Winston
10. Seek and Destroy - Metallica

Eclectic, right?!

edited to add: I've re-read this post and it is poorly written and reads choppy as hell. I'm too lazy to fix it. My apologies.

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Anonymous Organic Mama said...

Music whore, eh? LOVE that!

SOmetimes, I will be in the mood to melancholy along with Sarah MacLaughlin, or bang on my steering wheel to the Clash or Midnight Oil, but I don't have a lot of the shmaltzy stuff. I haven't heard the Xtina Aguilera (great voice) yet, so going to check it out...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just Six Weeks???

I should have recommended Sad Exchange or Above by Finger Eleven then... good stuff, even better concert!!!

As far as the Janet goes... Love Black Cat... She's definitely Crushable.. I think that whole super bowl malfunction was done for me personally.. but that's just my suspicion.

Anonymous Bat Man said...

Darnit... I'm Bat Man not anonymous

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