Thursday, August 31, 2006
Liberal love abounds
Holy editorial, Batman. You have GOT to watch this. I've liked Keith Olbermann forever, but this. THIS, almost caused me to weep. 6:41 of pure genius. Preach on, Keith. Preach on.

Saturday, August 19, 2006
Brunette, anyone?
The best way to fix a bad haircut is to get new color. The sad part is it costs damn near a hundred dollars (don't tell Roy) to go back to your natural color with a few coppery highlights thrown in. Cheap? Hell no. But it looks so much healthier.

Vacation starts and I'm so excited I can't figure out what to do first. Booger needs new tennies. I need (okay, want) a new purse. What? It's been.....cripes, almost a year since I've bought one. See?? Aren't you proud of me. Maybe I'll put off the purse if I can find some sweet shoes on sale. And some cheap school supplies.

Sunday, August 13, 2006
Hiatus over....
Sorry for the lack of updating. It’s not you. It’s me. I’m a mess. Hopefully it’s getting better, and next week’s vacation will help so very much. I can’t even begin to describe how close I am to freaking the fuck out. Today was a big wonderful step back from the ledge, though. So I think it’s all gonna be fine. What was so monumental? Nothing. Isn’t that wonderful?! Went to Mass, had lunch with family and friends, then I actually got to spend some time alone. Know what I did? Cleaned. I know, so lame. But it really helped. I love love love a clean house. It’s now (mostly) clean. Sure, there are some scattered toys and a dust bunny here and there. But the counter in the bathroom no longer looks like a science fair project and the dog hair from upstairs is now safely tucked in a new (!) vacuum bag. Today’s focus was upstairs. It’s not really done, but it’s done enough. Enough that I could catch up on the last two weeks of The 4400 so I’m ready for tonight’s episode. I can not believe I am addicted to this show. Crazy addicted. I am typically not a scifi girl. This show, however, is so well written, and man it sucks you in. There are really good people and really (really) bad people. And you gotta love it when the pretty girl is hateful. Then I don’t even feel bad for hating her!

The worst haircut ever is slowly growing out and I’m having a few more good hair days. The break in humidity is certainly helping. I’m going on record to say I can’t WAIT for football weather!

Well, I’m all sweaty from the cleaning, so I’m off to shower then make some popcorn for The 4400. Do you watch? You should. It’s at 9:00. Don’t miss it.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Who loves the artsy fartsy picture of the Diet Coke?? I do! Who noticed the other Diet Coke on standby in the background!!!

Mommyblogging panel
I've been hearing about BlogHer 06 via the many wonderful blogs I read. One in particular (one of my faves) has posed a series of questions regarding blogging. Here are the questions and my answers. And please stay tuned, Booger being sick for 5 days has thrown me a bit behind, but I've got stories....including me getting the worst. haricut. ever.

    1. Do your kids know about your blog? If they're too young to know, do you plan to keep it open to them as they get older?

My daughter’s 4, so she doesn’t know. But my teenage nieces know, and they read regularly. I guess it would be okay for my daughter to read, but luckily I don’t have to decide that yet.

2a. If so - do you worry they may get embarrassed later? What would you do if they asked you to stop writing about them? What would you do if they wanted you to take it down all together?

She probably would be embarrassed later, but I would imagine it would be the same level of embarrassment as hauling out the naked baby in the sink pictures. If she asked, I would try to leave the more potentially embarrassing moments out, but I would not stop writing.

2b. If not, what are you doing to make sure they never find it? What if they do find it?

My blog is for me. My free therapy. If she finds it, we’d chat about it and I suppose hope and pray it doesn’t cause drama.

3. Do you think our kids will appreciate the archive of their childhood? Do you wish your parents had done the same?

I totally think she’ll appreciate the memories. I think that’s why I started to blog in the first place. It’s the 20th century journal, I guess. It’s easier to type in a blog that write long hand in a journal. Keeping them on a blog, where family and friends can keep up with your family and their antics is just one more step.

I truly wish my parents and grand parents kept more archives of their childhood and my own. I am amazed at the things I thought I would NEVER EVER FORGET EVER that I’ve totally forgotten. Like my first kiss? What did I wear to prom? I mean, I sort of remember…but had I written it down, I could look it up. I wish I had. So, blogging now will help me to remember the funny (and let’s be honest, not so funny) things that go on with Anna. She’s only 4 and I already don’t remember things. BIG THINGS. Like going potty in the toilet. Seriously, this is such a milestone in the parenting handbook. How do I not remember? The walking, the saying Momma…..crap. Wish I starting blogging in time to save all that.

4. Do you go back and re-read your past parenting milestones? Do you realize you forgot a lot?

I re-read a few now and then, but haven’t been at it long enough to go too far back. I think as the years go by, I’ll be referring to the archives more frequently. I am so glad I’ll be able to do so! I’ve already forgotten so much….

5. What about your children's friends/teachers/moms-of-friends? What if they found your blog? Do you tell your child not to tell anyone about it or are they free to talk about it? Do you worry their teachers or other parents will think it's weird?

A few friends I have read regularly, and I suppose they periodically tell someone else. I try not to be all like “Hi, I’m Amy…have you read my blog?” I think I can occasionally offer a funny story or whatnot. And I would like very much for more people to read it, but at the end of the day, it’s for me. If you read it and find it offensive, or discouraging or whatever…I’m sorry, but you can go screw yourself. (is that too harsh?)