Tuesday, January 06, 2009
Run, JRH, run!
Remember Mr. Snob's marathon? I sure do. It changed him forever....he's begun training for the Cleveland Marathon with a warm-up half marathon here in Holy Toledo in April. I'm considering walking the half marathon. I haven't run in years and use the excuse of a bad knee, but mostly I'm lazy. Here's the thing, though. Mr. Snob has a huge scar on his chest and I...well, don't. Guess the excuses I could come up with don't hold water. Mr. Snob ran for and runs for the American Heart Association.

One of my friends inside the computer is running the Disney Marathon. I bet that will be a fun one! Anyway, she's running for the Humane Society for Greater Nashua. If you can skip a Diet Coke today, send her the buck, will you?


Good luck, JRH!